Calgary Stampede

Got back from Calgary today on a really really sweet ride with all my friends. Arrived on Friday around 4 pm to go shop at Cross Iron Mills. Didn’t really buy a whole heck of a lot, which is probably good for my wallet- grabbed some socks and a leather camera bag for quite cheap…

Phone stuff

So two things today: The Nokia Lumia 1020 was announced and it looks very very sweet. Adding to the amazing PureView camera on the 880, it takes in optical image stabilization and the third party Windows Phone 8 on for a ride. I really like the one in white, but I’m not sure if I…

Wknd updte

I threw in three sets of stairs after my shoulder workout today. I’m going to try to add three sets every day to get my hill training up for the Spartan race next month. Posted from WordPress for Android


Posted from WordPress for Android