Some fun in the Sony store

From CNET- I’ve been really interested in Sony’s latest audio game since being enamored with their BTX500 speaker and Z series Walkman. The MDR-1R, while unfortunately being plugged in with celebrities- Magnetic Man and Katy B, don’t look it. They are actually really well designed and despite the lack of luxurious materials, still manage to feel great in hand as I tried them out in store. I got to try the BT version, and the APT-X codec was superb from my GNote II. Very very comfortable and certainly well built. Very pleased with Sony’s latest flagship.
Image From TechRadar. I got to try the Xperia Tablet Z today in store and I was very impressed. It genuinely feels like a step above other tablets- the nine billion other android ones. And my BB Playbook. It has a really wonderful design (as per usual from Sony) and there are a lot of checks for me- microsd slot, dual speakers (not sure if the four grills are four speakers or two grills per speaker), Full HD screen and its light as hell. It really does the thin and light really really well. It doesn’t feel heavy in one hand at all. And in white? It looks fantastic. I was quite impressed with it and will be following it quite closely- much more so than Sony’s last iterations the Tablet S and P, which were mostly forgettable aside from the P’s unique but unneeded dual screen.

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