Studying and stuff

Found a Porsche 911 GT3 997 in the garage today. Saw it cruising outside and then got really excited when I saw it turn into the garage. 415 HP and slick slick styling. I would still take a Nissan GTR over it though. But still. Wow.
W made a really good pork rib and brocolli dinner. Much better than the other dinners I have been havign lately. Love home cooked meals.
Meanwhile as I look at the 911 GT3, I am awaiting my lovely LRT.
Got to sit in the front and creep the driver out!
My legs day consists of leg press following lower back day. Its not really a legs day. Considering I am not running as much anymore, I probably should incorporate a legs day.
I’ve been pretty happy with my lower back day aside from the supermans at the end. I still dont think there’s enough for me to keep doing this exercise.
I am however very happy with the weighted hyperextensions I have managed to Jerry rig into the existing gym equipment. Quite proud of this one as it works very well for me.

I’m also about to finish chapter 3 of the GRE psychology text study guide from Kaplan that W gave me! The next two chapters on perception and physiology will be tougher for me, but I am excited about the progress I am making here.

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