Oh you know, another rainy day in the city

I also cannot believe that I missed this model from Lenovo. It has been a very long time since I have been really impressed by a model for anything since my VAIO S15, and the Lenovo y400 gaming laptop is it. It has dual SLI Nvidia GT650m cards, which actually hold their own against the Nvidia 670MX. Having dual SLI cards is crazy and the price its being offered at is ridiculous. I obviously don’t game much so this is a huge waste for me- my Nvidia single 640M LE is way way way underspeced compared to this and I barely push the thing in my VAIO. I want to buy this so bad. Really good JBL speakers as well. Easily accessed HDD, RAM and MSATA! If you remove the ultrabay 650M gpu, you could put three drives in this! I love that there are so many drive options here, and I love the dual GPUs even more- at just under a grand CDN! Ridiculous! And I love the subtle black design with striking red highlighted keycaps. SO FREAKING IN LOVE RIGHT NOW. Really do not need another laptop right now. But this one would be it if I did order it. Wow. Image courtesy of my favorite notebook review site- notebookcheck.net

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