Workouts right now

So I’ve been thinking about gym equipment after reading a post from another blogger about essential home gym equipment and I thought it would be fun to compile a list of what I think are essential pieces in my current gym setup right now.
Obviously I don’t have the giant lat machine like the one here at the U of A gym (which I really miss cause I felt amazing pumping five plates like that), but there are some nice pieces in the home gym that let me get a good overall workout.
Chest: dumbbells with 100lbs on each, or a barbell with 220 lbs (four plates total), or what I have now- 200 lb cable press. Dumbbells for flys and a bench to elevate the body for better pushups. Dip machine to finish off.
Shoulders- right now its 180lbs cable military press, cable for lateral raise and ez curl bar for upright rows
Biceps- ez curl bar for standing curls, dumbbells for standing curls and hammer curls
Upper back/lats- pull up bar for door frame- chin ups, wide grip and hamemr grip pull ups and then cable machine for sitting rows.
Lower back- ez curl bar- dead lifts, bench for hyper extension with dumbbells for resistance, and dumbbells/ankle weights for weighted supermans on the bench
abs- elevated bench for decline crunch and leg raises, soemthign to lock your feet in for floor crunches and an ab roller for ab rolling.
Also of course- a running trails to get my cardio on

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