Good bye Samsung

Some of the capacitors that apparently exploded inside my monitor because they are cheap. Image courtesy of

So after using it continuously since 2007 or 2008, my Samsung 2493hm monitor suddenly died for no reason. It was working totally fine just minutes ago, did a reboot and couldnt get to my welcome log in screen. Everything was black on my triple monitor setup and realized that it was the main monitor acting funny. Did all the tests and then realized that the son of a bitch had problems. A quick google found that I wasn’t alone and that the monitor was a piece. The capacitors are apparently super cheap and given that it is well out of warranty- only 3 years, its pretty much me going to order a repair kit and try some soldering. Not pleased with this. Also managed to break the kitchen faucet today. Double massive blow ups today. Fantastic. Bought the Samsung for its 400CD brightness and 1920×1200 screen after using some really dim 300CD screens that just couldnt hold a candle to my LG MVA panel. Now its dead. Hmph.

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