So the Jawbone Big Jambox arrived from my order last week and now I have to decide if I am going to keep the Sony BTX500 or the Jambox Big.


I kind of killed the saturation here, but the Big Jambox is a nice red color. Also I missed a nice PM opportunity for the red one for another 12 bucks off. Sadface.


The Jambox feels land looks like a premium product more so than the Sony by far. Which is kind of sad, given that Sony tacks a big giant PREMIUM tag to its product. The thing I hate about the Sony is the giant mass of plastic on its back that really makes it excessively huge. I am not sure if there is an extra bass port somewhere back there that is helping its too passive radiators, but there certainly is not extra battery. The Big Jambox kills it, with reported 15 hours versus the 6 to 8 on the Sony. One things I noticed is that it is not readily apparent right off the bat whether the BTX500 is much better. It almost seems kind of sad that the difference isn’t that big, despite the massive amount of space the Sony takes over the Jawbone. You’d think there would be a bigger setup inside. Well there is. There is actually an extra powered subwoofer in the Sony on top of the two passive radiators to drop the bass, while the Jawbone just has the two radiators. However, it isn’t as readily apparent when you listen to them. Only when do you hunt for it carefully do you notice that the Jawbone indeed doesn’t drop the bass as well. At times it feels a little hollow and a little crackily too. I absolutely love the design though and the added media controls are always a plus. I think I would have a hard time taking this on top of my Soundmatters FoxL speaker when its just an extra radaitor and larger speakers. I’d like an extra sub like the Sony has. I think I know where the decision will lie (hint Sony) especially since I am being all super Sony fanboy lately. Kind of too bad that the Sony doesn’t have the same appeal design wise as the Jambox Big. As well, if I really wanted design, I would liekly go for the BTX300, the original big BT speaker setup that got me thinking of grabbing one in Toronto Sony store York mall. I loved that speaker in white, but just couldn’t settle for a 2.0 versus a 2.1 setup in the BTX500. Hmmph. First world struggles.


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