Just blargh

One of the reasons I love London Drugs- random clearance sales! Grabbed a Velbon Cube tripod for a fraction of the price. It extends a great deal, and despite the wobblyness, is actually totally usable if you position it correctly- and I’m using it with my D90 and a zoom. Very impressed and its exactly what I wanted- a take anywhere tripod that wasn’t some gimpy Gorillapod which has had very very limited use from me. Very happy.
Made a ghetto hyperextension machine by joining two other machines in the gym. Very pleased with this outcome, as I tried to target lower back today. Didn’t really care for sueprmans though.
Back when I was a competitive little undergrad in CAB. Need that fire/desire again. Sigh.
Aced my undergrad calculus class in this little CAB classroom.
W made a fine lunch for me today.
Big wind storm hitting the rivery valley on he wknd.
Bluey’s first car wash! Finally he’s all clean.
Frappucino sale- really not happy with the hazlenut one I grabbed.
And we end it off with an amazing park job by a guy who insisted on getting between the motorbike and our car. Fantastic drivers in this city.

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