Had to run to the Medicenter today because my throat was being an absolute DICK for the last three nights. Haven’t slept at all because I keep waking up every half hour coughing and screaming in agony over my pain. I will definitely get my shots next year. My doctor also really impressed me with his verbal elimination process of symptoms and diagnoses. After hearing this hammered year after year in psychology on not hunting for symptoms but rather eliminating them, it was really really nice to see this in person in the medical field. I have a high concentration of codeine helping me right now. It is very sleep inducing. But at least I am not hacking my lungs out.
All the Buckleys are either recalled or not enough is being made by the manufacturer. Went everywhere in town and kept seeing this sign. Sigh.
When we were checking in at Pearson airport. Sigh. I miss Markham so much. What a wonderful city!
Saying goodbye at Toronto Pearson airport. Little did I know this would be the first morning of my nightmare illness.
Comfort food from aunty.
Breakfast/lunch from aunty. Really nice to wake up to this.
We were going to paint the house, but then school.
One of many wonderful mornings eating McDonalds. My blood pressure is normal in systol and optimal in distol. Just thought I’d throw that in there in case I was judged because of this food haha. I’d like to take both of them to optimal soon this summer.

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