Bicep day and pushing forward

I’m taking a much better stance this term with less TA hours (same hospital hours) and school. Its much more relaxed for me and I can actually enjoy what I am experiencing around me rather than rampantly trying to finish twenty different things every ten minutes. Its been great, and I am really glad I took less work hours this term.

So far the term has been pretty interesting. We are really pushing past the basic psycho educational assessments from our Master’s training. So far I’ve been really focused on personality assessments, emotional scales and memory tools, like the PAI, MMPI, Trauma Symptom Inventory, BAI, PAI, and Emotional Rating Scale, and seeing how these could be influencing intellectual, academic and everyday life functioning. Its been grand so far, and my supervisors are fantastic. Very accommodating and trying to ensure I learn the most I can from this practicum.

Marking is really interesting for TA stuff this term. I am a lot more confident in what I am doing the second term now, and I feel like I now understand what we are expecting from the students. I am a little daunted by emotionally distressed students sometimes and I recall what it was like to be in my own IPT teaching term and feeling like I was always drowning. I certainly feel for these students.

The weather has been getting a lot warmer and its bringing a wonderful feeling of being able to run outside soon. I hate the treadmill so much. Earlier this week, after three consecutive running days, I blew my knee and left foot out and I couldn’t sleep because the bloody pain was so incredible. I’ve been lifting the last few days instead and have found a fantastic bicep workout with just one dumb bell, lat pull down bar and cable bar for additional curls. My biceps feel fantastic right now.

W bought me these amazing dinosaurs for our anniversary and Valentine’s Day gift. Spinosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex in a wonderful sculpt and paint job from the Science Shop in Southgate. I freaking love them. Here they are with some of my other favorite animal toys- a giant squid, hammerhead shark (from elementary!) and another tyrannosaurus.

DSCN1797 DSCN1798 DSCN1756

I managed to break my phone already and had to do a break down. Luckily Samsung made it easy for me to do so and the part is easily replaceable thank goodness. I’ve resorted to simply using my Walkman Z as my mp3 player on the go, but I miss the amazing bass from the GNote II. I can’t believe a dedicated media player doesn’t sound as good at the phablet.


I probably blogged about this before, but I managed to snag a pair of celebrity cans the last month on an incredible sale. The Mix Master Mike take everything I thought about Skullcandy and (sort of) throw it into the wind. Still feels plasticky and nowhere near my DT1350 build, but they have wonderful bass response that isn’t muddy at all. They are my goto cans for rap and electronica right now.

DSCN1727 DSCN1724 DSCN1718

I also managed to find some images I took when WK and I went to downtown for some Mexican food on a wet winter night. Just beautiful outside.


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