Last little while


Such good times in good old room H.Spent so many afternoons here with introductory counseling and had the time of my life in my first year of my masters. So many good memories from that year! This term looks to be very exciting too. I am so glad to be back in the clinic again, even though I have spent so many hours there already. Its a nice piece of home for me. This looks like a good term.

W makes a fantastic steak and makes sure that I am not eating garbage instant food every night haha.


Delicious Korean Food Restaurant lunch. Meatballs could use a little more salt though. Seaweed was REALLY seaweedy and tasted like Nemo.
Sony Liveview- so I dont need to take my phablet out my pocket everytime to change tracks which I often do. This thing is a POS but witht eh firmware update, its moderately better- requires paring everytime (like a first generation BT device) and its not very reliable. It was cheap as hell though and allows me to use it as a remote, so I’ll live with it.
Regular doubel patty cheeseburger at Five Guys and Fries. Not that special and certainly not worth the eighteen bucks for two drinks and fries.
Delivery food from Xtreme Fusion, one of my favorite Chinese eateries that is actually quite genuine. Au lam and strawberry pork chop. So delish and warming to have it delivered too!
Everyday listening machine. The GNote II is amazing for sound.


MX Performance portable. Such a great mouse to pair with my VAIO and delivers exactly what I need in a small comes with a pouch format.
Picked up this beauty at London Drugs for half off and its been SO awesome. Uses APT-X for nearly lossless BT streaming, reliable as hell (no connection issues) and takes my portable setup to the next level. Sometimes I just dont want a set of cans on my ears and the bass on this thing is crazy fun (the battery door vibrates to add a little extra kick). Makes smartphone gamign super fun.


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