Warm start to the year

Eating some leftover xmas ham and spicy frozen noodles. Will make the ham into a soup.
Just so wonderful outside today


So all this beautiful snow took out my camera lcd haha. When I went down Conners hill on the snow saucer I wiped out and landed on my bag which I stupidly decided to go down with. Thankfully my bag was padded well and my camera is in a decent padded leather case and the damn thing itself is made of magnesium. My lcd warped and has an odd purple spot in one corner and the sides were milky as if the lcd was being pressed. Closer inspection today saw that the flip out lcd actually bent inwards from my 182 lbs landing on it. Remarkable in that that’s all that happened and nothing more. I was able to bend the lcd a bit back so the milkiness is gone but the purple spot remains. Really not bad at all for what would likely have wiped out most non mag esium bodies. Guess that’s why it’s a prosumer camera!


It was a warm sunny afternoon outside and I was able to eat lunch on the roof today. W did an amazing job making sure I didn’t eat crap everyday she was gone and pre packed a whole bunch of food for me while she was gone. Can’t wait till she’s back.


Dad made a wonderful new years breakfast while we were over. I am so grateful for such an awesome family to spend time with this holiday!

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