Lazy Sunday










Set up our first Christmas tree from Ikea! Also pancakes for breakfast and pigs in a blanket. I also have a massive paper and final exam to study for omfg. Just gotta keep on trucking through I guess.



And this galaxy note 2 is freaking awesome goodbye BlackBerry. I didn’t imagine myself liking it this much, much but I do and now I do t hink I can go back to blackberry at all. I really love the level of customization i can do with it and this really just suits my needs perfectly. The huge 3100 mah battery, and lte speeds certainly help too. Best of all is the removable battery. With the amount of use I am getting with this, but I love the piece of mind I have with being able to simply replace the battery just like I did on my old 9900 bold. Except that now my battery truly lasts all day and then some, but versus the on and off spotty battery life of my bold. I not to mention the ridiculous rate of dropped calls I had on my blackberry. It couldn’t even do the basic core phone features right never mind the elaborate levels this Samsung can do- largely due to the absolutely insane fact that my phone has a quad core cpu and 2gb of ram. I am very impressed. Perhaps most surprising? The fact that it has a wonderful headphone amp that powers my Beyerdynamic DT1350 headphones really really well. Not as good at the Asus U3 Xonar soundcard I have, but well enough that I don’t care about getting a portable headphone amp. Wow. I didn’t believe I would find something better than the one on my Sony Walkman Z. I am spoiled. Completely.


The great thing is that W is making super delicious dinners that are way more comforting in stressful times like finals week than what I normally make and eat.

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