News on BB10

So this just out- Blackberry 10 App World will launch with 100,000 apps!

Why am I excited? Because I am very very optimistic that RIM will finally get a clue and realize that the software is the most important thing in the smartphone market and bigger names that everyone uses on iOS and Android will make it to the BB10 ecosystem. I really hope this works out, cause I want them to make it through these hard times and I am really hoping for a BB10 Torch slider device (with only two screen resolutions, a 1280×1768 resolution slider would just make my day perfect). I don’t think I will jump onto BB10 on launch day, as my 9900 Bold has finally become the phone it was supposed to be with the latest firmware- good battery life, stable day to day life and much less dropped calls. And I really want a slider.

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