Graduate school: time to lose the little self-esteem I still had.

Sigh, just got my marks back from a client case in our psychopathology course. Nailed the case conceptualization, problem formulation, diagnosis and all that jazz. And then I bombed freaking GRAMMAR of all things. I lost tons of marks for having extra freaking spaces in paragraphs. This is so shitty. I am pretty pissed. Its just marks, but when you grow up slamming marks into your self-identity, it sucks. And grad school psychology doctoral programs have the cream of the crop so the competition is hot, fierce and I am sad. Damn it. To be honest, the absolute worst performance I have given in my life, in my second year of my master’s, is long behind me. So I know I will move on. BUT DAMN IT. This really makes me feel like shit. Its like when I nailed the diagnostic piece in our psych assessment final and got the highest mark in our class, but then bombed some other part that wasn’t that important. Sigh. 
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