Waiting for my lovely to come in and how the weeks been

How small sensors have changed. This is an ISO 400 shot from the Nikon flagship of 2004, the Coolpix 8800. Clearly ISO 400 is unusable, with grain visibly degrading the image completely zoomed out. No need to pixel peep here. Considered to be a camera worthy of replacing a DSLR with an equivalent lens (in this case a very slow 10x zoom 35-350 f.2.6 to 4.9 lens), it really doesnt seem to belong with an APSC sensor. Im really shocked at how bad ISO 400 is at this time, considering the use I get on my 2007 era Nikon P5100. I am so psyched for my P7700, just wish Canada Post wouldn’t screw up my order. I know its still a small sensor but I can’t wait to see what I can do with it. Especially with that 28-200 F2-4 lens!Image courtesy of dcresource.com
The Nikkon 8800 from a dpreview.com image gallery. What a beautiful camera for its time.

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