Master of the Universe

So this is yesterday just moments after getting the congrats pat by my committee! Master’s Thesis completed, some revisions to make, deadline on Thursday, not quite out the frying pan yet, but not into the fire. And I have sooooo much marking to do for the undergrad course I am TAing. I am losing my mind a little. But I must practice what I preach and take the nine million tasks one at a time and not catastrophize. Another thing is that I need to not give a shit what other people think and just do the work. Much better attitude.
But yeah, great defense, great questions and I personally feel that I did a good job answering the questions well. I am soooo freaking glad there weren’t any stats questions. That might have killed me, even though I studied stats so much for this. This giant long table sure looks ominous with me dodging bullets at the end of it for an hour!

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