The weekend

UGHHH My laptop has developed a bright spot right in the middle third of the screen. For a laptop that I bought specifically for the screen this is really annoying. Not sure if I want to go through the hassle of returning it. Sigh. Also, first world problems, I really shouldnt be complaining about something I got through my work benefits haha. I’m just an anal prick when it comes to my electronics. And the fact that I have only had this for a few weeks. I sent Sony Canada support an email and I will call them tomorrow hopefully they can do something that isnt a huge hassle.

Sony Alpha 99 rumors! Lightest full frame DSLR with the translucent mirror technology. have to be honest, handled an Alpha 77 in the store the other day and fell in love with how it just melted into my hands and felt perfect. Of course, photography is more than how a camera feels in your hand, but you gotta admit, when a piece of magnesium just sits perfectly in your hands, you want to own that now. I would love to get an Alpha, but I cant see myself jumping systems just because the grip on a camera feels awesome.

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