The week electronics exploded

So many exciting announcements this week for electronics! The Sony VAIO Duo 11 is a slider tablet to be released in the fall that is very similar to the Asus EEE Slider but way more refined and packing a full power i7 processor! WOW. 1080 res on an 11 inch screen and promises of a perfect bybrid of tablet and laptop functionality suggests a very very promising product, one that certainly has put Sony back into the design lead like it used to be. Definitely happy to be a Sony fan today. I love the concept of the slider, although in practice the separate Apple Wireless keyboard and Playbook are a better combo for me, as I only bring the keyboard when I need absolute light typing experience. The tablet always is on me, and the extra weight and smaller battery from slider designs are a bit of a downfall. But still, very cool Sony. Well played. Don’t think I could justify dropping to upwards of 1200 CDN they are asking for it, but I am excited that this exists. PC makers are finally paying attention to original design again and not copying Apple. Image courtesy of the verge

Didn’t realize that Motorola was still pushing the slider keyboard Droid series(albeit this one is the Photon series). Would love to own one after falling completely in love with Android, and seeing that big giant physical keyboard is so tempting. Will wait for the BB10 device in first quarter next year though, as I don’t want to have duplicate operating systems on both my Walkman Z and phone. I like the variety of OSes I can run. But am definitely a fan of the design, just wish they would put a 720p display on it.

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