The week so far

And after all the waiting, and even marking my Google calendar off for the Nikon unveiling, it turns out Nikon didn’t release a large sensor P series advanced compact as many had hoped. Instead, it released a fast lens P series, which is still welcome anyways. I am unsure if I want to pick this one up yet. I had high hopes on a large sensor compact like the Canon G1X but with a fast lens, which already exists in the Sony RX100. I just prefer the Canon G and Nikon P series bodies and external control over the Sony. Unfortunately, Nikon skipped out on it, but they did produce a very good body/fast lens combo that I would consider over similar priced mirrorless cams. The problem with mirrorless cams at this price of $500 is that they come with kit lenses that are very slow and hardly show any of the promise that a large sensor can handle (other then being able to shoot high ISO pics). I would have loved a fast aperture and high ISO combo, but I also love good handling and the F2.0 lens on this Nikon that ends in a relatively fast F4 at the end of its 7.1X zoom is pretty appealing. I’m not sure if I would rather put that money to a fast Nikkor 17-55 F2.8 though, as my DSLR is still my prime baby even if I use my old Nikon P5100 more  so these days. Hmm. First world problems. image courtesy of

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