spartan race and disappointment

Just a quick update, more pics to follow. We completed the Spartan Race in Calgary today. Was pretty disappointed with my performance, didnt even check the time. The hill sections threw my psych game way off in the beginning and I started running with a “just finish the damn racE” instead of pushing myself. Kind of pissed about that, considering my level of fitness. I was proud that it through every challenge except the damn spear throw, which I didn’t find so much challenging as much as it was a level of skill (I nailed the edge of the target and just clipped it). My knees are scraped and bloody and I managed to climb some very very difficult bouldering walls and rope challenges with mud caked all over me with just pure brute strength and a determination not to miss these challenges. Its just a shame to me that I walked so much of the race. Going to train to not do this next year.

I wanted to post this email from a colleague at work that was sent earlier this week. I find it inspirational that other people don’t take my physical aptitude as bad as I think mine is, especially after today. Its hard to let go of your image sometimes whne you spend so much time in the gym. But until next year I won’t be able to redeem myself. Really disappointed today. At least this message comes from a guy that I am always truly impressed with his rock solid build. Its nice to remember these props, especially on days where you just feel rock bottom. Just gotta train harder tomorrow.


I wanted to mention that I’ve seen a lot of people who work out over the years and you are one of the few that have an excellent combo of mass and symmetry.  You certainly have absolutely nothing to be jealous of.  In fact, I’m a little jealous of your excellent build!  It brings out the competitive spirit in me.  Your hard work and dedication shows!
Best of luck with your race this weekend!!
Cheers, XXXXX”

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