Stats and ew bad steak

I totally ruined this steak. I came home from work freaking starving and just threw it on the frying pan with Korean bbq sauce, made some ha gee mein and some suey choy. The end result wasnt that bad, but it was a huge waste of steak. Annoying cause steak is so pricey. And I think this was kind of a bad one for frying anyways, probably would have been better cut up into beef and brocolli or something.

So a new Beta update came out for the Playbook (guess OS 2.1 isn’t going to be official for awhile) and it fixed my security problem! Yay! So now it actually password locks again, which is nice. But then I realized that the camera doesnt work and it looks like a lot of Playbook owners are complaining about this. At least I have a return to vendor box I can send it back to Waterloo for fixing. Sigh. I really want to love this thing, but so many problems. Hard not to jump ship to something else.

Speaking of something else, the Walkman Z is still available as a bonus on the Sony website with a purchase of a VAIO laptop. So hard not to pull the trigger right now! I liked how it sounded, but it was gigantic in hand and at only 16 GB of space and such a massive device  makes it pretty unattractive. Its too bad, cause the amplifier inside is really good and pairs well with my Beyerdynamic DT1350s. I dunnooo…..should I wait till the 22nd for the next promotion, that should be a VITA (or it could be something totally crappy). Arghh, first world problems. And to make the 22nd even more exciting, Nikon is going to release a new prosumer cam that should be a fast lens/large sensor type. I am hoping for a super hot P7100 successor, a camera that was limited by a slow lens/small sensor jailed in a fabulous body with tons of manual control. If it is hot as I hope it to be, I will throw my cash at Nikon immediately.

I have been spending an incredible amount of time on after quitting Failblog successfully. This is annoying because updates even faster and then my internet addiction goes crazy!  Sigh. This is taking my time from my tedious, but thankfully straight forward statistics that I have to do for my thesis (got my final consult today from my awesome stats consultant). Sigh.. Do not want to do.

Finally, I am going crazy with cardio these days! I have been making so many gains with hill training, its been awesome. This makes me feel more ready than anything for this coming Saturday’s race! Very very pumped for this.

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