The Weekend- Movies, food and more food.

<p><a href=”″>”SIXTEEN SALTINES” | Jack White</a> from <a href=””>AG Rojas</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I am really excited to pick up this album soon! Its just ten bucks at HMV, and I definitely enjoy its sound. Wish I had picked it up earlier as I am in a dearth of good music lately. Sixteen Saltines sounds awesome and I need this now.

Oh and also did I mention that I locked my effing car keys in the car yesterday? Thank goodness this happened on university campus and not in the middle of a crappy neighbourhood but it was still crappy all the same. Sixty five dollars for a towing company to break in my car (it is actually kind of scary how good the guy at the towing company was!) and an hour wait in the parking lot with mosquitoes everywhere. My buddy W was kind enough to hang out while I waited. Just stupid of me. I usually don’t leave my bag in the car either because its such a thief target, but that night I figured, oh I am just running in for a sex. And then I close the door and I am like oh, look my keys are in my bag. EFF. Brilliant move of me. I talked to the towing guy and he said once, he locked his own towing truck in Whyte ave in the middle of the night (in a move to make me feel less stupid).

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