breakfast and abs

Abs today

Abs today. Got the tiger yoga mat out for situps, ab wheel, incline bench for decline situps and out to the right a cable for crunches. Good to alternate this from the runs I’m doing late at night. I’m definitely liking this new routine. The runs are helping me burn off the cals and the weights are keeping my strength. Feeling great right now.

McDonalds breakfast on the balcony

McDonalds breakfast on the balcony. Picked up a Big Breakfast, muffin and tea for W, and a Sausage McMuffin, muffin and coffee for me. Breakfast on the balcony overlooking the morning sun and a cool morning breeze equals awesome! Gonna miss W as she’s gone for the next month. Also realized as I was driving out to Micky’s that there’s a lot of nice parks in the local neighborhood that would be awesome to have breakfast or a picnic at. Definitely looking forward to planning those when she gets back.

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