I just saw this after looking at all the new press photos of the new Canon M mount compact camera system and it reminded me of how much I love the Nikon P7100’s dial system and build and just wish it had a large sensor and f2 lens. Knowing that Panasonic can make a f2.8 constant aperture 25-600mm lens, I am damn certain that Nikon can make a 3 or 4x zoom constant f2.8 with large sensor, or even Sony’s RX100 1 inch sensor paired with a 1.8 lens. My dream would be the P7100 and a large sensor. That would be awesome in itself. Knowing that its successor will be announced around August’s end (right around the back to school Sony VAIO sales!) it could be a very exciting time for me. Also, I took a look at the VAIO again today in the Sony Store and it was soooo awesome. Its kind of crazy how many times I have blogged about this laptop. But I love it soooo much. I can’t believe how much I like this computer. Image courtesy of TechnoBuffalo.

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