The weekend

Went to the Apple store today and saw the THULE sleeves for the Macbook Pro 15. Was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked and yet how rugged the thing was. Lots of nice accents around the body like the blue zippers and THULE logo tags. BUT! Coolest was how the padding and material felt so strong and rigid and the zipper lining made it water resistant. Very very nice. And the bet part? The Sony S15 dimensions fit the Macbook Pro 15 to a tee. Well off a half inch, but that’s fine. I am going to have a hard time choosing between this and the official Sony SE leather sleeve. I like official products a lot, but the THULE case is much much more protective and equally as stylish in my eyes. I am particularly concerned over the flexible nature of the Sony S15’s lid. I know Sony claims its better to be flexible than rigid for durability, but its really really thin and I’d rather have something nice and thick protecting it in my bag. Image courtesy of gadgetmac

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