Lost my cross (ARGH!) and stuff.

WOWOWOWOW. 25-600mm lens with constant aperture F2.8. Unreal Panasonic. Unreal. I am totally in love with how everyone is pushing the envelope on the prosumer bodies again. Its not longer a simple big DSLR big lens (which is easy enough to do if you have the money to buy it), but a “lets put engineering to the test and build something crazy” The DMC-FZ200 is just insanely cool. Not sure if its a camera I would need, but its definitely high on my radar of awesome.


AWESOME! Just found confirmation that Canada does indeed get a special back to school deal for Sony VAIOs at the Sony Canada store. So last year they offered a free PSP Go or PS3 with certain VAIO models PLUS a hundred bucks off. I am definitely waiting on this one- August 22nd seems so far away, but I bet I won’t be thinking about that with my thesis. Rather, I bet I will be crapping my pants. But for now I am excited and cant wait to see what they have. Hopefully there is something and I am not waiting for nothing.


W made a super basic but delicious bowl of noodles for lunch today: fried egg, spam and rice noodles. Mmmm! So very tasty! And then I realized that I lost my cross that was on my necklace that I had to take off for my dentist examination yesterday. Really pissed about that, cause my mom gave me that for my 18th birthday, and I had lost my 16th birthday present too (watch from ESPRIT that just fell off my hand into the snow by school). Sigh. Went back and looked for it, but no dice. Anyways, I wont be posting any Asia pictures today cause I am freaking tired and I really need to be sleeping now for work.



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