a big group shot of everything the past two weeks

Went with my very supportive despite being bored out of her mind gf to the mall to check out the SONY store. Who would have thought that I would have been so excited to be there? My interest in the brand died a long time ago when I felt that there was no innovation anymore (the last time I remembered being excited was over the X series Walkman, which has been replaced with a pretty lame Z series). Anyways, we dropped by the food court to have some din dins. At Koryo, they gave a huge amount of sides (especially veggies!) on the jumbo combo. That is now 11 bucks. The fast food biz is getting pricey! And I am so excited that W and I don’t have to bus home after a WEM excursion. I hated that. And hated carrying two to three weeks of groceries on the bus. I love having my little Fit!

Also picked up a footlong pulled pork sub on flat bread. This was actually really awesome.

Finally! Got to see my baby in store again. I realized how big the touch pad is, how good the black looks (I still really want to see a white one) and how close back to school season is (just a month away – about mid August according to the Sony rep). Which means that I can wait and hope some awesome promo will come out soon. I still love how thin it is, despite having an ODD (which will soon be a secondary storage drive!) and how light it is. I still am not super convinced with how unsolid it feels compared to my unibody MBP, but I love it never the less. The design just gets me. And I went back to the Apple store to see the MBP retina and wasn’t moved at all. I like the screen but the design wasn’t anything for me.

Its so freaking thin for a 15 inch screen laptop! And it has such a nice simple masculine design to it. I don’t think the white one can convey how masculine this looks. I just really really like it. I hope theres something to sweeten the deal in back to school promos, but even if there isn’t, I will love it all the same. I am particularly excited about having a numeric pad with it. YESSSS. It just excites me the same way the 2010 VAIO Z excited me. Something about the whole composure and design that just says TAKE ME HOME! I really really can’t wait to get this. Its definitely one of the harder things to wait for. Which is good. I think I have done  a few too many major purchases on a whim without really doing the careful drawn out research I tend to do with electronics. Like the piece of crap HP TX1000 tablet that was easily the worst thing I have ever bought. This will be immensely satisfying when I get it. And awesome for data entry. I think this will fit with my research perfectly.

W made an amazing dinner of black bean pork ribs, teriyaki salmon, broccoli and soup. This was very very good and much better than the takeout food we had at WEM. It is so cozy to saddle up to some home made dinner and a good show on television and W by my side. Very very awesome.

My aunty has sent a large care package of jungs to us and its so freaking awesome. They are really really well made and taste fantastic. Lots of good fillers (salted duck egg, fatty pork and chinese sausage) and its just way too awesome. And simple to prepare.

Little bit disappointed with dinner at Xtreme Fusion, a chinese restaurant that is not a fusion restaurant at all, and that is usually really really good. The beef stew was old and over cooked and the shrimp pretty plain. Wish we could have had fresher, as it usually is. Too bad, but I will still go back for sure. Good Buddy definitely has better au lam though.

Black bean pork rib chow mein from local campus fare Ho Ho’s Chinese food. Really good stuff. Super fresh and super delish. And a comfort in my office as I cram away on my thesis.

We bought a new bed from IKEA! I feel like W’s place is now a home and its much more welcoming than the matress on the ground.

My little Fit managed to fit everything (ha! get it) inside! I am supremely pleased with this car, and it is really really growing on me. Just months ago, a trip to IKEA would have taken about 3 hrs both ways on the transit, but with my Fit we shave about 2 hours and twenty minutes off that! And not to mention that we can actually carry more than like 5 spoons as we would if we were busing.

And heres a late night graduate student dinner, randomly made from food across campus. Tim Hortons is now much more manageable to get to on late night coffee/tea drives with the Fit cause it kind of sucked walking there when you were on an urgent deadline but needed a hot drink ASAP. Love the Fit!

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