VAIO S15 and everything else

So I have been totally eyeing this Sony VAIO S15 for the last few days. I happened to have some extremely exciting benefits at my work in the hospital and part of that is money for computers. Which is just fine and dandy with me. The first thing that came to my mind was the Macbook Retina display 15 incher. Announced just days before I had the benefits, I was dumbfounded by how awesome the screen resolution was on it. And how they made the speakers better. And removed the ODD to make it thinner. And still kept the awesome battery life Macs are known for. But then I saw the 2200 CDN dollars price and I balked. I also balked at paying 2200 on a device that is design wise, nothing much different than my 13 MBP. It felt great in hand, but it wasnt the exciting “I just bought a flagship model” feeling. 

Next up, I looked at the Samsung Series 9 15 incher and realized exactly what I was looking for. I wanted an ultrathin 15 inch laptop. I had been working with a 12 inch HP TX series, 14 inch iBook G4 and 13 inch Macbook Pro, and I just remembered how awesome it was working with my Toshiba Satellite M45 back in the day. It had a 15 inch screen, awesome speakers, and terrible battery life. And the screen was the first of its glossy kind to come out. And then I realized later that the screen was just horrible. Anyways, I realized one thing on the MBP 13 that I hated trying to make everything fit in a 1280×800 screen. I use multiple windows open simultaneously and the triple display desktop I have back home didn’t help me dislike working on my laptop anymore than I already did. Unfortunately it turns out the Samsung was kind of lame in that it only shipped with a 1600×900 screen and it was kind of a crappy TN panel, and not the nice PLS panel in the 13 inch Series 9. Which was too bad, because the 15 incher was really really nice looking. At least on the internet. On a random boys night out, which was just me, my car and three computer stores, I took at a look at the Series 9. The 15 incher was nowhere to be found, but I managed t find the 13 incher at Futureshop and I wasn’t moved at all by it. The pictures on the internet gave it way more credit than I thought it should get.

Unimpressed, I went to the Sony store to check out their computers. The VAIO Z was really something else in terms of weight, and it had a 1920×1080 panel on a really impressive for TN screen. But at 13.3 inches, it was too small. Which is a shame cause its really really thin. I liked it a lot more than the Ultrabooks out there right now, but I needed more. And then I saw the VAIO S 15. Amazingly thin and light for a 15 inch screen, I really liked …pretty much everything about it. Side by side with the outgoing 15 inch SE model from last year, I noticed a lot of small changes to make it more beautiful and effective. Now it had a slot loading ODD, the headphone jack was moved to the front of the laptop, the intake vents were all on the side and not blocked by the bottom if they were on a flat surface….just lots of great things. And I really liked the rough texture of what I think is either aluminum or magnesium siding. Not sure what the S15 is made of internally (the S13 is supposed to have a magnesium skeleton and aluminum siding), but it felt great to touch and I just love matte metal. I really hate glossy plastic and there was none to be found on it. It wasn’t the unibody construction of my MBP 13, but it felt awesome nonetheless.

I have been pouring my mind over its sleek design. It might not be a flashy model like some of the Beats Envy models (which have been more or less been leaning to a MBP design, and totally unoriginal), but its classy and looks great in a professional environment. The only thing I am thinking about is whether I want the exclusive white edition or the badass black. I sound so lame talking about computers like that, but I love them so much. I am more of a computer nerd than I think I am. And having a full numeric pad is pretty awesome, especially with how much data crunching I have been doing lately. And the IPS 15 inch screen? Superb. Standing back and looking at all the glossy/shitty TN panels beside it at the London Drugs laptop section made me really appreciate how good the panel really is. Way better viewing angles and a great resolution to work with. The 2880×1800 on the MBP retina would have been great, but I would rather spend half the money and get something nice and original in design. To be fair I hate having a computer that is just a drop in a sea of Macs I see everywhere. It seems lame and hipsterish to say I don’t want mainstream, but I do want something original and rare and the VAIO S15 is definitely it. I have seen one 15 incher, the VAIO SE last year in a Starbucks. I want this so bad. I just need to wait for school specials to come. And I can’t wait to drop in some RAM and rip out the ODD and put in a secondary drive bay. Kind of lame to take out the ODD with such a beautiful slot drive but I dont need an ODD really. I just want a way better panel size wise and quality wise than my MBP 13 (which is a decent TN panel in itself). And one that isn’t too thick or heavy to carry in my shoulder bags. I can sacrifice battery life (though I don’t want to) considering I do most of my mobile work near a plug anyways.

I also got to present at the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development 2012 at the Shaw conference yesterday! It was a little disappointing cause there wasn’t too many people at my poster time slot (5:30PM) when most people left for dinner. But it was kind of neat in that it was my first research poster! I had one eager person come over to ask me about school psychology and a volunteer…and that was it. But whatever! It was fun. I just want my computer now. I think I am all blogged out for tonight.

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