In Singapore!

Hung out with W and her parents for the last two nights and Macau. It was unbelievably nice there. I was told it would be an Asian Las Vegas and it was dead on. There was tons of glamour and glitter everywhere. If I felt poor while traveling, it was here that I felt the poorest. It clearly was a place for people with deep wallets and not deep student loans. Lots of gorgeous shops and hefty price tags everywhere. 

But on the other hand there was lots of superb sights and sounds. The room we were at in The Conrad was unreal. I don’t think I have ever been that starstruck before. Tons of marble everywhere and the liberal use of shiny surfaces. I don’t think I could get over how sweet the  bathroom was. Lots of space and a big huge bath to sink into. That was immediately filled with my filth from hours of walking. 

The second day was just too much heat! Lots of walking and lots of sweating. BUT. It was filled with lots of sweet food and good company. We had the pork buns (like a pork chop in a bun, but better than the way I described it) and I just realized I never had a Portuguese egg tart. Darn. 

The day earlier we went to the Jackie Cheung concert that was probably one of the most fabulous and spectacled concerts I have been to. Lots of fireworks and lighting and cheering fans. I really enjoyed the metal music he played. Right before the concert we went to the gondola lift that was just breathtaking. Really high up in the mountains and a really simple mechanism attaching the gondola to the cable. And stories of a cable car falling just a few years ago. Yikes! Kind of nerve wracking to look down (especially in the crystal bottom car which is totally awesome and worth he extra price over the regular car). The view is just fantastic. 

Cant believe how much W planned for all of this. This is an unreal trip and she really pulled some fantastic things together here. I am definitely a lucky guy, and what most people would call a schmuck. Gald to be traveling with W. 

Just landed in Singapore and am doing work at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in one of the malls. And listening to fantastic music (um Taylor Swift), and cranking out a table in Word. And itching everywhere. My arms have been destroyed by the mosquitoes in Macau. I am not looking forward to mosquito season in Edmonton. I am looking forward to hanging with my bud H here though and seeing what life is like here. 

Thought it was really interesting to see in Hong Kong markets an insect fungi, cordyceps. Its dried after it kills the caterpillar and the whole thing is sold as a medicine. I was trying to think of where I had seen that name and then realized that it was in my Entomology 378 Insect Pathology class (good ol Dr. Keddie!). Definitely didn’t expect my first encounter with the fungi outside of my text book would be in a drug store. A quick google search shows that even the website has supportive articles of its medicinal use. Weird and fantastic! And kind of ew. 

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