Macau is crazy. There is so much stuff here. It takes all the baller stuff I saw and brings it to the next level. It really is the Asian Las Vegas. And its crazy nice. Everything is crazy nice here. The hotels are exciting to see, theres lots of visually awesome designs here and the foods great. I am not a gambling person, so the excitement is lost a bit on me, but its definitely awesome here.

I bought a Nikon AH-4 hand grip for my D90 and its freaking awesome. I almost never leave my camera hanging off the strap, so theres not much security in the way I shoot, with me just grabbing it out the bag and shooting. This hand grip is awesome, secure and I am so glad I bought it.

We traveled by super speed hydro boat (not sure what it is) from Hong Kong to Macau and enjoyed a copious amount of Yoshinoya fast food that we grabbed along the way. Which was awesome btw. Lots of pork and beef and it was cheap and delish. We also had a traditional Portuguese dinner of salted fish, octopus, baby pork, and clams for dinner and Fernando’s restaurant. Which was also really good, especially the baby pork, which makes me sound like a monster. The skin was perfectly crispy and the meat soooo succulent.

I really don’t want to do work on vacation haha. I have so much to do when I get back, I know I need to do some work here, but its so hard to. The hotel we are at is unreal nice, the room looks fantastic and the  bathroom is so awesome I could live in it.


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