M and I went to WEM last night to watch the Avengers and eat fast food. Fast food at Jimmy the Greek was really satisfying for having so much food and most of it really good for me (lots of fibre and no battered stuff). But then I bought A&W onion rings cause they looked so good. The movie was so awesome, it blew my mind. Every single Hulk scene was amazing. I would definitely see it again.

Everybody in West Ed looks like they want to hurt somebody. I guess this is reflective of how I was in high school, a stupid heat bag. But it was actually kind of unnerving and I can see why older generations feel uncomfortable around rowdy crowds.

Just finoshed a run around campus, and then going to head to the office and cram out some work. I’m sitting outside the pond in Business quad. Its so nice and peaceful. And no mosquitoes. Remembering how I was swimming in Deet last summer makes me cringe. I really hope we don’t get anything like that this year. Its so nice and warm right now especially for this time of night. Wish I could just drop everything that’s due and just lie in bliss for awhile.

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