Blackberry Alpha!

There is new hope for Blackberry but maybe not for me. At Blackberry World, the alpha developer device was released for developers to test new apps on. This is a gret idea from Blackberry to push for a more mature ecosystem for their new device come fall. And what a device it is! Most importantly, there’s actually a spec that is better than the competition out there, namely the screen. 1280×768 resolution on a 4.2 inch screen gives off a 356 DPI (FYI iPhone 4/4s is 330 DPI), which is fantastic.

I am still waiting for the one with the keyboard, but this is great news. It sounds like they are really putting their act together and focusing on what a phone needs in today’s market. I am still rooting for them, and will hold onto my treasured Playbook/Bold combo in the meantime. Really psyched for whats in store this fall!

Meanwhile my sanity is being tested by taking on multiple responsibilities as a grad student with two jobs. I am going insane. Slowly. I really need to amp my organization levels up. Also, I really need to do more leisure reading and less internet browsing.

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