Arriving at the Hyatt downtown(morning after I think or early evening of first night) in W and S’s  room. I got locked out of my own room because they won’t let you in unless the primary name under the booking checks in, even though its on my credit card. Weird. View isn’t anything special but its nice nonetheless. I was in for a treat at downtown Vancouver.

First night eating all you can eat teppanyaki and sushi. Super good and definitely better than most all you can eat sushi joints I have been too. I didn’t gorge myself and try to get my money’s worth here for a first time ever, because I wanted to enjoy the meal afterwards haha. Very fun with W and S.

The kitchen staff looked kind of angry all the time.

Walking around downtown Van at night. Such a pleasure to do so. I have to say night life here is worlds apart from Edmonton. I loved it. And I also have to say that a handheld shot with my 2007 point and shoot cam (Nikon P5100) is pretty impressive. I like it.

The Skytrain took a little getting used to, as unlike Edmonton’s terrible two way railway, there are multiple routes on the train line. I loved it! Very fun to ride and a rear window for me was exciting to look out of.

Died a little when I found an NCIX in Aberdeen mall. I think I spent an hour in this store (didn’t buy anything and saved my wallet!)

Aberdeen mall’s multi level fun.

Lunch at a HK style cafe. Totally unimpressed. The soup was really good but the tomato beef was bland and boring.

More skytrain!

Hit up the headphone bar and tried out the FiiO Alpen headphone amp and a bunch of others. Concluded that my Samsung P3 was quite good and that the difference was not worth the money or the extra bulk to carry around. It was a big difference with my iPod Touch but I don’t really use that anymore. I wish this store was in Edmonton. This rack of headphones was way too exciting for me.

Off the shoreline at a harbor restaurant. I freaking love the harbor. W followed me down to the dock cause she thought I would do something dumb, which is probable and bad considering I can’t swim.

Dinner was surf and turf, which was tasty but not mind blowing. The cost of the meal was worth it though for the good company and the harbor view. I haven’t had that much fun with work colleagues in years! We stayed real late and had a blast.

View from the harbor restaurant.

All the ships around the harbor restaurant. Seriously for a 2007 point and shoot I am really impressed. I could clean this up in Lightroom, but I am lazy. This shot is amazing for handheld and being a small sensor. I am not looking to replace this camera anytime soon.

View from my “preferred view” suite. I should have taken a pic of the gym. It was sweet. This whole hotel was sweet. I could live here.

I ate so much conference food, it was quite obvious I was a student haha.

Inside Holt Renfrew, and obviously way too poor to be shopping here.

On the way home and really sad haha. Am happy will be flying again soon!

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