Last few weeks

Ok, kind of caved and am trying to dump some photos of my life in the past few weeks. Last night I went out with O and W to celebrate W’s belated 25th bday. Went to Matahari, a fusion asian restaurant I went to like seven years ago. Food was moderate at best and price was average. Nothing amazing here. I had the pad thai noodles and they didn’t really break any ground for me. Not super pricey either  at 13 bucks, but I’d rather eat at many other places than this at that cost per dish.

Was studying at Second Cup on campus a few times. Maple loaf and latte. Kind of maple overkill but the maple coffee is actually really good. And it looks like they undergo an infusion process with the maple flavoring that looked really complicated and delicious to me. I do like the Second Cup here, but I don’t really understand why they charge for parking right beside it considering I am a paying customer. Was lucky to find parking at just the right places though, so I was super happy about that.

M and I had A&W the other Friday and watched a series of horrors. There were two good things that night. One was the delicious combination of two giant burgers, onion rings to die for and root beer. I actually really really like A&W. The other thing was that the movie was really good. The Children has a freaking high rating on Rotten Tomatoes and with good reason. I had no idea what would happen and it scared the crap out of me. Loved it. And really want to get A&W right now.

Was at Buddy Wonton with W on Friday for dinner. Super delish beef stew with XO sauce and fried fish with cream corn sauce. So much meat and totally freaking worth it. There is just a big pot of beef. And it is delicious.

Picked up HoHo’s the other day for lunch. W had sweet and sour fried rice noodles. These are actually really good. Definitely like the subtle flavors and how awesome everything goes together.

This was not so good. This was just pure curry paste and beef stew. I had chunks of pure curry paste everywhere. Used to order this a lot in undergrad. Not ordering again. The beef stew at Buddy Wonton is just so much better.

W made a delicious beef fried rice with some leftover chicken and sweet vinegar pork ribs. Super delicious.

Went to this Taiwanese cafe down at Whyte ave and had these curious drinks. The hot tea wasn’t anything amazing and the pastries didn’t really blow my mind. The super cool drink that was a mixture of salty froth and sweet broth was super cool and yummy. Definitely only ordering that drink next time.

A time waiting at the WEM bus station as it snowed. So happy to have a car and to minimize late night desperate times hoping the bus will come before I get mugged (exaggeration but I felt super unsafe a good couple of times waiting at like 11:00pm at night)

Yum cha at somewhere. Also glad we have a car so that we can goto these places and have super comfort foods without feeling totally bottlenecked by multiple transfers on bus routes.

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