Just a rambling of everything

Its been awhile since I last blogged! Instead of a giant dump of photos, which I might do later, I will kind of recap and then hope that I don’t fall behing again.

Things have been pretty awesome as of late. I am sending out my surveys for my own research and really crossing my fingers that they will be filled with lots of responses soon. I really don’t  like this recruiting aspect of research. There’s so much uncertainty and it really feels out of my control. And I have such a tight deadline to finish everything. Sigh. Kind of/pretty worried about that.

We are wrapping things up quick on our side of things for the FASD project. Will be heading to the Vancouver conference in a matter of weeks and hopefully pulling some good data from there, so that I won’t have to be pleading for interviews when I come back home. Kind of excited about that. Will be checking out a headphone store in Vancouver for portable headphone amplifiers. I am definitely interested in getting the most out of my Beyerdynamic DT1350s when I am out and about.

Things have been heating up in the professional scene. This week there will be a giant discussion on the merits of making the practice of psychology a doctoral level of entrance. I personally am hoping for this to pass, as I believe that there is a general lack of consensus on who can enter the profession and how they can go about it. Considering the rampant role dilution and inconsistent regulations across the country, I am all for increasing the standard, if it means filtering out the crap schools. I am proud of my profession, but it really makes me angry on how inconsistent it seems to be in providing credentials. Considering the consistent decline of recognition as medical staff in hospitals for psychologists, I think we need to do everything we can to ensure that the profession gets the respect it deserves. I will be attending the talk this Wednesday at the Glenrose hospital in hopes of garnering what the perspectives and arguments are on the matter.

The car has been a godsend. W and I have been able to do so much more now that we aren’t tied down to a bus route and schedule. I freaking love it. I just really can’t get over how much more free I feel with it. I definitely am eyeing other cars out there for the future, but in the meantime this car more than suffices. I just love how I can surprise W with breakfast at bed at a whim, because of the car. I mean I could have done that before, but it was just crazy to do that by walking. I did it before and it sucked. A lot. I don’t mind transit and walking, but when you have like eight things to do at one sitting, its just not great at all.

My weight control has been awesome. I really think my portion control is in really good shape and my running has helped me really shed off some good fat. I am really happy with my progress so far.

Electronically I have been super pissed at everything non-Apple. It seems that everyone has given up on supporting their devices so that all my legacy DAPs do not work anymore. Which is a complete shame, because I was willing to put up with crappy software and UI for better sound. Which is one of the reasons I am going to find a headphone amplifier for my iPod, because my other players do not work anymore. No wonder Apple is totally destroying everything it touches.

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