New lens and cleaning the fish tank

J dropped off my new lens! He managed to snag this Nikon 35mm f1.8 from the U.S.A. for me, along with a Canon 28mm f1.8 for himself. Super excited about this lens. Its cheap and very versatile. I am very excited about shooting primes and the lens is very promising.

Had to clean the fish tank. It got so bad that even my algae eater was like no, I am not doing this. There was algae growing strongly in corners so I went nuts and hit it hard. Tank is cloudy and should settle in a few days. It was very satisfying to clear this thing out.

Shot with the new 35mm! I love how great this thing is with close ups. A minmum 30 cm distance is small compared to my small sensor compacts, but its pretty nifty compared to my other glass. I anticipate a lot of fun with this lens.

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