The past week

I am super tired, I will upload the blog entries tm, in the meantime, pictures of the last week. From here W and I rented a car and hit up Ikea in South Ed Common. We had way too much food but it was super exciting! Here is 1.99 vegetarian pasta, 20 piece meatballs and coffee. W liked the meatballs and potatoes a lot haha. Should have only gotten two plates of it.

AAnd then we had veggie soup, smoked salmon and mango salmon with rice. The dishes here were kind of blah, esp the smoked salmon. It had a very weird aftertaste that was almost chemically. Do not like.

Went out for yum cha at New Dynasty downtown. It was super yummy, esp the one on the right. The congee was really good too, just a little cool in temp. I didn’t really like the beef dish, it had too much yim sai.

Our borrowed Suzuki SX4. It wasn’t a great vehicle, but it was really nice to have one. As you can imagine, walking here at night isn’t the greatest so it was nice to be able to go out and not worry about the trip home.

Went to Riverbend Library to study. It was really fun and I just like how clean the library is. It doesn’t really feel like somebody might come up and jack your stuff. Of course I am not going to be dumb and just leave it unattended, but its just a bit nicer and cozier. I really love libraries. Realized I could borrow out books with my one card and hit up a bunch of Stephen King novels to get my chills on.

Flowers for my girl’s bday. It was kind of frustrating because I came back the next day to see if I could get fresher flowers, but it seems that the new shipment was either lower quality, or they just reused the old flowers. And the arrangement seemed smaller than the day before. 😦

My little rabbit in all her glory. She’s super cute and getting a bit old, but still very playful and in need of constant attention. She made grring noises at me the other day for not playing with her.

Had hot pot with the fam to celebrate W’s bday. Super fun, and as bland as I think hot pot is, it is a really fun meal to have with family. I loved how much beef and pork my folks bought.

W hit up the campus Korean restaurant on Friday for some bi bim bap. It was nice, but what was really good was the sweet chili sauce they have. Its super good to mix with the rice.

W had coconut curry shrimp for her dinner at Doan’s downtown. The guy working there was super cool and was really passionate about his trade. He also really liked photography so we had a nice chat. I really like the atmosphere there.

Had satay beef soup. I freaking love hot soup now. I used to not like soup but now I just can’t get over its comforting heat and size.

Crispy spring rolls and salad rolls. Delish.

Just another morning on the way to work. Lovely morning.

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