Past couple of days


W made a great dinner tonight with pork chops, green beans and cream of mushroom soup. Super delish and watching the Food Network makes it even more delicious.


My folks picked up a new table for the family room and its super awesome! Love it. Its going to be a serious study party at this table when I’m over at their place. Its one thing I am looking forward to in my doctoral program: super study sessions! And since S has decided that he might want to write a major med exam, I think we can have super parties at this table. I freaking love the giant windows of sunlight beaming behind the table. Its way too cozy yet open here. I am going to live here with my computer. Also, I love the x-mod setup with the Shrue SRH840s, and I will be soon hunting for some basshead headphones. I also freaking love listening to music.

W and I went to I ❤ Sushi for Friday dindins. Usual fanfare of bento box with salmon, chicken and sashimi, tiger roll and some beef. I gotta say that I haven’t really felt the love at this joint recently. Not sure why, but I haven’t left feeling super psyched. I think you pay for what you get and I’ve had better. And maybe I am desensitized to new restaurant feel. Its still cute and cozy, but I wasn’t impressed with food quality.

W always makes a super spread of mayo on the salmon, and so of course I had to ask her to make me a nice spread on my piece. It was yummy. I think this is the only thing I really enjoyed that night.


Uh yeah I just picked up Night of the Living Dead defence for my Playbook and its awesome. I realized that I freaking love tower defence games and this is no exception. Its super hard. I can’t figure it out yet.

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