the week

Picked up one of my favorite buns at T&T Supermarket the other day for breakfast. So freaking good. Its egg and dried pork and some sort of cream sauce.

Went out with S today to hang at our old Second Cup haunts from undergrad studying and then hit up the Sony store and Best Buy.We went to Tokyo Express and I decided to have chicken and curry beef. Of course its fast food so I can’t have high expectations, but this tasted like cafeteria food. Mostly disappointing and cold.

It was really cool to see the PS Vita, and I love the hardware. I am not convinced that its a product that I would use or need. Unlike the Playbook gaming that I love, the Vita is really only good for gaming and nothing else. At least the tablet lets me do much more. Also saw and handled an NEX-7 camera and almost died. Its such a beautiful piece of hardware that I would easily have chosen it over the Nikon D90 had I been shopping for a large sensor compact right now. Unfortunately I am not, and it kind of chokes me cause this body is simply unbelievably well designed. Great fitting grip, sharp looks and just the perfect piece of gadget that I don’t need. Also put on a pair of Beats Pro headphones and was smitten with how much bass it offered over my Beyerdynamics and Shures. Listening to my cans again shows me that the Beats Pro were definitely not as clear for mids and treble, and the bass was a bit overhwelming, but it was so much fun to listen too! I simply must have a set of basshead headphones, and although the Beats Pro would be awesome (especially in white!), there are a few really good offerings like the Audiotechnica Pro700 that I might pick up in the next year or two. I absolutely freaking love listening to music.

Been hitting the stairs really hard these days and I freaking love it. I can’t wait to go tomorrow! Its always pleasant to be on campus and have so much student life still.

Finished one of my runs at Clare Drake arena, one of my original running spots from undergrad. Very cold and great for changing gradient temperatures and challenge the body for seasonal runs.

W made a super delish steamed pork/mushroom combo with a salted duck egg mixed in. I freaking loved this too.

Hung out with O at WEM the other day and enjoyed some seriously great chats over Vietnamese subs and sitting in random places in the mall. Love these impromptu conversations with him! Talked about challenging yourself and striving to continually bring yourself to new heights in many avenues of life.

And lastly at my folks’ place, my dad decided to change the chandelier and opened up the attic. Its creepy in there. I don’t like it. I have seen too many horror movies.

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