So I decided that I looked too dirty because of my long unkept hair. And that store personnel kept thinking that I was going to steal something because my long hair made me look desperate or something. So I went to town with the thinning and barber scissors and I am very pleased and what is my first full haircut by my own hands! It turned out to be very lovely. I just don’t like the clean up after. Turns out I have a lot more hair than I thought was on my noggin. Wow.


Took a photo with the Nikon P5100 the other day on shutter priority and did a 4 second exposure. This little compact is superb. Was looking at other prosumer cams today and I remembered my little buddy! I’m going overkill on the same topics, but I freaking love my portable setup.

My ethics finally got approved today for me to start my research! I will be holing up in my office tomorrow all day cramming my survey out so that I can get participants in. It is almost ready to go, just need to put a little elbow grease in the last part of the survey. Hopefully we are looking at a two to three hour project. My office is going t be coffee and computer session all day.

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