sunday sunday gotta do nothing on sunday

Lazy Sunday….erm kind of the whole weekend lazy. W made a really nice pork chop dinner with some steamed chicken from T&T Supermarket and suey choy. Pretty good dinner and I might have eaten my share plus a half. Not good for diet! Ahhh I love food so much. I hit the treadmill with a purpose today, at 5.5km/hr for 1/2 an hr, and I am going to stick with that for the next two weeks, and then up it by .2km/hr. Hopefully work myself up to 7.5 km/hr by the time August swings around. With W’s goal of beating the Spartan race under 1/2 an hr, that leaves his time of sheer running speed at least 10km/hr, which is just too much for me right now haha. That’s not including the physical obstacles as well. Yikes!

This terrible shot is what made me realize how awesome I have my portable setup to be. My Nikon P5100 is always in my bag and it took the first shot above, which turned out quite nice for my blog. Its super easy to drag and drop the pictures into the blog on my Mac, so looks like this might be the new blogging tool. Really glad I have this piece of kit.

Going to go read more on the debate of masters vs. doctoral psychologists and also a tidbit on psychologists practicing in the hospital settings.

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