The Week

Had a super busy week! My dad and sis’s bdays were this week so we went out to Buddy Wonton Seafood for dinner and had lots of food. There’s fish with veggies, steamed chicken, au lam, and a satay beef with veggies. The au lam was good as always. The chicken was a bit of a disappointment because it was thinned meat and rather bony. Its supposed to be free range chicken so its much leaner than usual, which doesn’t really bode well for my appetite haha.

Had to post a pic of my favorite portable set up. The NW-HD5 seriously sounds amazing and its loads better than the score of DAPs that I own. I am really happy I unearthed it, as it just pairs so well with my Beyerdynamic DT1350s. I cannot believe how much of a difference it can pump out. I am excited to see how it will pair with a portable amp, as that’s next on my list. I love its design so much too, as its just something totally different than all the other devices that I have seen on the field, even with seven years on its belt.

I freaking ripped a chunk off my thumb earlier this week because I am a neanderthal and just rip my Masterlock off my locker (I forgot my combination). This is usually fine, but my thumb caught on one of the grooves and I bled all over the place, including my just washed shirt and the water kettle.

From last week, but still a goodie. I am having a bit of trouble reading this book as it doesn’t quite sit with my writing preferences, but its still got good ideas and I freaking love Remedy Cafe. It was on my Nikon P5100 compact camera, which I realize how awesome the little thing is, even though its circa 2007. Great quality and its small enough for me to always have it on me in my bag. Its not worth much these days so its nice to not worry about having a fancy piece of kit on you that might cause a lot of distress if lost.

At the Radisson for an FASD conference out team is doing research with. This was really awesome and a great experience to be in the field and meeting professionals. Lots of networking opportunities and lots of free food. I really dig it. I want that free food now.

South Campus in the morning before work. The fresh snow and morning sun is just a beautiful combination and I really love it.

Going hard on the stairs at the Butterdome at uni. Decided to run the Spartan race in Calgary this year and I need to bust a move on my cardio. This will be a great push for my fat loss and I really enjoy the cardio vs. lifting right now. Hopefully this is a sustainable thing for me.

Oh and here is part of the spread at the Radisson. My mouth is watering for this stuff right now. The coffee was not that impressive, but the food and canned drinks were freaking fantastic.

Had dinner with W on Thurs at Springroll Kitchen, just a stone’s throw from Century Park LRT station. Really good Vietnamese that doesn’t require a drive out to the middle of nowhere for good food. Super delish and a worthwhile time to spend with my good bud. I squeezed too many limes in my pho though.

W made a super yummy dinner last night of vinegar spare ribs, fish/eggs and spring rolls. It was very very good. I am super lucky to have this at my plate!

Lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory at WEM today. New York cut steak sandwich with clam bescherel sauce. Super good and super cheap! The poor waiter also had a rough time waiting the tables in our area because it was so far from the kitchen.

My sis of course had everything deep fried. The chicken tenders were actually really good and not just some frozen nuggets, but actual pieces of chicken breast and batter.

Mother had some sort of chicken club sandwich that she couldn’t eat because she managed to eat a whole loaf of sour dough bread and butter haha.

And dindins tonight was some takeout from T&T Supermarket. Au lam, ribs and fried fish. Pretty tasty, if a bit oily. Good thing I am running a lot more these days haha. I’m really excited about dropping weight. I am doubtful about dropping to running weight (that’s almost fifty lbs lighter than my current weight!), but its a new and exciting goal that’s not just lift heavy. So hopefully all goes well.

Honestly the biggest thing I can take from this week is how wonderful everything is flowing right now for me and just how fantastic I feel. I am so privileged to have these opportunities to spend with my wonderful partner, family and friends that I can’t be thankful enough! And honestly I don’t talk too much about God these days, as religion seems to be a bit of a struggle for me, but thanks God! This is more than I deserve and I am really blessed to have all of these great times.

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