the weekend

Out at Remedy Cafe downtown. The atmosphere is clean, bright but not overly so, and the crowds are friendly. Lots of students studying here. Lots of Macbook Pros. Not sure if I’m mainstream or I don’t care haha. The food is good and drinks are great.


Had tandoori chicken and W had butter chicken. Very rich and filling and I didn’t finish my meal. The way the meat has soaked in the sauce is delicious.


W made a nice pea soup last night with dehydrated onions that just made it very very pleasant.


Went to Urban Diner on Friday night with my fam and the food was so good. I had the rueben sandwich which was a little too much deli taste and not really a good mixture of Swiss and sauerkraut. But still good. The sweet potato fries were killer. W had a really good pulled pork sandwich which I will definitely get next time.


Finally to get us through the next couple of hours, some samosas and chai lattes. Very delish. I love this place.

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