omfg RIM is awesome today

Had a really good lunch with W yesterday that I almost didn’t want to stop eating. Corned beef mixed with bok choy on rice. Its unreal good and I really loved it. First time eating something like this, but to me, its an instant classic and something I would call comfort food.

Had some teriyaki salmon with veggies for dinner and again a very comforting dish, because it was followed up with a nice hot bowl of black sesame paste dessert. It was also super delish.

And another delish dish today! Playbook OS 2.0 has arrived and its very flavorful and perfect! I love so many things about it, mostly about the revised interface. Multi tasking looks to be better with tasks running right after exiting and entering them from the swipe screen. The new spell check virtual keyboard is solid and predicts well. The tablet is well integrated with my Bold 9900 and feels like the perfect extension of it. I use the phone for messaging and love its keyboard. I use the much larger screen on the Playbook for multimedia and browsing the web. Its unreal. I really really like the combo, especially since it is always on me in my bag. Perfect. And the WordPress app was just released for the Playbook today too, probably one of the main apps that I really wanted to grab. I’m a super happy camper today and am proud to be a RIM fanboy.


Also I bombed the weekend with Plants vs. Zombies and managed to beat the game in seven hrs. Probably the 2nd game I have ever been interested enough to beat.

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