the weekend

I mean I think its obvious why I have gained nearly 30 lbs since my best weight lifting mass at 162 lbs. On top of the mass I gained by deciding to pump more iron, I also have been eating a ridiculous amount of food and loving it. Here is a tasty turkey club sandwich combo from Tim Hortons. A single single new size XL of coffee of course follows the delicious sandwich.

On Thursday night we went to cheer for K’s basketball team that he coaches. They destroyed their opponents in order to maintain a high amount of points for the season. Destroyed as in 76 to 23. We followed the slaughter to a Five Guys burger joint. The food was alright. A lot more food than I needed and really good cause I was starving, but it wasn’t as good as it was hyped up to be. My guess is that there is only so much you can do to a burger, and in the end a gourmet burger can only go so far.

I am too lazy to rotate this picture. For breakfast/lunch on Sat, W made a delicious meal of dumplings and congee. I love these comfort foods.

W and I went to the Silver Skate Festival on Sat afternoon in Hawrelak Park. It was effing freezing there, even though it was only -5 C. It was because I was an idiot and only wore some fall clothes. The festival was neat, as it wasn’t something that I had really done before. Live music, snow sculptures, skating, horse drawn sleigh rides and burning things.

This is something I won’t forget. Here we have a Holland dish, salted herring in a bun. At first, I thought it wouldnt be a big deal, as I love raw fish. But seeing the tail wiggle every time I bit, and just having raw fish in a bun just wasn’t something I could stomach well. It was quite similar to Kippers, a smoked herring dish. I just couldn’t get over the sight and texture.

This was totally better. It was minced meat that fell apart inside its deep fried batter coating. Very delish.

And here is the burning of several highly flammable objects in the middle of Hawrelak Park. I am not sure what was the meaning of this, but it was really fun to watch. Aside from my freezing toes. Also the fire dancers were really entertaining, mostly due to the really upbeat music.

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