Music and pho

Dug up my old Sony NW-HD5 Walkman player from the grave last night to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was to hold a dedicated music player and how simple and utilitarian it felt in operation. Although a lot simpler than the iPod touch, it was nice to have a dedicated device. I am not sold on the hype it had surrounding its superior sound quality, as it sounds no better to my ears compared to the other players I have, but the design alone is awesome enough to use again. I have loaded SonicStage, the POS software it requires to load music on, and it seems to be working with Windows 7 64 bit, which I thought it wouldn’t. Also pleased to note that iTunes exports playlists in the m3u file format directly, as Sonicstage can read it directly. The only bad thing seems to be that SonicStage can’t read all file types so some tracks are untransferable. Excited to own this unique piece of kit.

Went out with S to Springroll Kitchen on the southside. Really good Vietnamese food at a good price and I don’t have to goto downtown. I like it it quite a bit ! Decor is really nice too. Cant wait to bring W here.

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