The weekend

Friday morning at the train station waiting to goto work. As cold as it was, it was simply beautiful to see the sun rise over the frozen field. Love the mornings.


Went out for yum cha with W on Saturday at Dynasty in Chinatown. Really fun and had a blast. And obviously way too much food.


Followed up with a view of the Alberta Art Gallery which was kind of neat to see. I wasn’t a fan of the modern contemporary pieces on the top floor and couldn’t stand the time to figure out exactly what they meant. I really enjoyed the impressionist pieces on the third floor though, that was right up my alley. Reminded me of the art history second year course I took with my sister and all the pieces we had to memorize for the final. A nightmare it was, but absolutely beautiful to study the humanities. If there is one thing I appreciate, it is seeing the expressions of our culture and simply enjoying it.


Completely chilled on the top of the art gallery with my trusty iPod and Beyerdynamics with a little Yeah Yeah Yeahs blasting out. I can’t get enough of these headphones. They are too beautiful for words.


W made breakfast today consisting of some high flavor foods. Really yummy for breakfast and got the morning started right.


She then followed up with cinnamon buns of her own recipe. Also very good with half the butter it should have had. Nice and crispy and the first time I have had homemade cinnamon buns.


Then she made this superb dinner with hainan chicken tofu/shrimp, special rice and choy. Beautiful presentation W! Had a great dinner and a great weekend.


I’m trying this German volume training from now until summer hits, where its ten reps, ten sets, and 60 seconds rest btw intervals. Absolutely punishing, and I’m working with a considerably lighter mass of iron than I usually do. And I honestly feel like throwing up. Its wild and I really have faith that it will take me to new heights with my fitness!


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