Fixing the floors and Chinatown

Went out for dinner with M last night at Taipan cafe. It was pretty fun and good, lots of food and very western. Loved it regardless although their sweet and sour pork is cooked like ginger beef. Followed this up with Paranormal Activity 3, which completely scared the crap out of me. It was an excellent horror and took a huge break from the tired cliche of current slasher/torture horror flicks of late.

The repair guy finally came in to repair the wood floor tile warping that happened from the freak rainstorms from last summer. The rain burst the seals on the windows and caused some real damage to the flooring. It also caused a billion mosquitoes to come out and eat my soul that summer.

Made home made rice rolls with W today. A good start and will need a bit of tweaking, but real fun to try something new with her today.

Giant donair from High Voltage cafe, just off of Calgary Trail. Seriously ginormous, delicious and almost the size of my forearm. So freaking good. Hung out with O for the good portion of the afternoon and had a fantastic convo with him.

Hit up Starbucks with W for a hot drink on a cold late afternoon. White chocolate mocachino. Clearly too many calories, so I split it in half to finish tm.

W made a fantastic meal for dinner tonight, with special season chicken wings, veggies, steamed egg and soup. Very delish and a good presentation.

I’m listening to the Beyers with Rod Stewarts best of albums. Its so good with the classic rock and cabaret music like Sara Slean. Not totally impressed with modern alternative rock, but still likeable. A huge improvement over my previous portable phones, the Creative EP630. Those were great for being cheap and decent sounding, but these are just flat out sexy. I have to get over these destroying my hair and giving me a flat head, but its worth it. I am so glad I scored these over the Bowers & Wilkins P5. I don’t even know if I want those anymore, they were not great by any stretch when I did a side by side at the Apple store. So happy with the Beyers!

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