More RIM

And the first images of the Blackberry 10 London show up, after the initial Colt was scrapped. Personally I am feeling a pass on this device and am going to wait it out for their keyboard device. I am not sure if I can convince Rogers to let me do an early upgrade so I might just buy it outright if it is that good. Right now I have had an excellent balance between a communication tool on my Bold 9900 and an entertainment device on my Playbook. I am not actually yet convinced that I have a need to upgrade and really do feel that I have found the right fit for mobile devices.



This a very scathing attack on RIM from Engadget editors versus Crackberry. A great podcast and filled with some info and perspectives that I hadn’t really thought of before. I really enjoyed it, even though I wanted to punch one of the editors for the verbal assault on RIM (although deserved at some times and certainly admitted as the devil’s advocate).


Made some butter chicken thighs last night to go with leftover green beans and meatballs. Super delish work lunch! So easy to make.

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